Expedition Medical Kit

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Expedition Medical Kit

  • : Adventure Medical
  • AD0465

  • Dimensions: 14" x 9" x 8". Pack weight: 4 lb. Contains: two detachable inner bags for summit attempts and day trips, Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine by Eric Weiss, M.D. Instruments contains: Digital thermometer (90F-105F), EMT shears, splinter picker forceps, scalpel with #11 blade, Dentemp, Duct tape, (7) pill vials, (3) safety pins, waterproof matches, accident report form and pencil, (50) water disinfection tablets. Medication contains: (6) oral rehydration salts, (4) extra strength Tylenol, (40) Ibuprophen (200mg), (10) aspirin (325mg), (10) antihistamine, (28) cold medicine, (12) Tums, (8) Diamode (Immodium), glucose paste, (6) 1% Cortisone cream, (4) After Bite, and Nasal spray. CPR/Bleeding contains: Laerdale face shield, (2) 8x10 and/or 5x9 trauma pads, (6) pair Nitrile exam gloves, (2) antimicrobial hand wipes, (2) infectious control bag, emergency reflective blanket. Wound care/Burn/Blister contains: 20cc irrigation syringe, surgical scrub brush, (3) Po

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