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FMTO2OS SPARTAN HELMET RING The helmet of the legendary Spartan warrior is yours to wear whenever you want when you acquire this Bladed Silver Spartan Helmet Ring. And even better, this ring comes with a nasty surprise in the form of a wicked, claw-like helmet crest blade! This ring is simple in construction, featuring an antiqued silver ring band, on which has been mounted a miniaturized example of a classic Greek Corinthian helmet, which was favored by many Greek warriors but made famous by its use by Spartans. The helmet is designed to look rugged and worn, possessing short gashes across its surface. Instead of a horse hair crest, though, this miniature helmet features a blackened stainless steel blade as its primary decoration. The helmet-ring has an overall measurement of approximately 3.25 inches. Please note that the helmet-ring comes in only one size. Not only can you take the style of the Spartan warrior with you wherever you go, but you can also be armed like a Spartan warrior too, thanks to lethal styling of this Bladed Silver Spartan Helmet Ring! Key Features: Made with Quality Materials and Metals Possesses a Blackened Steel Blade Depicts an Antique Silver Helmet Design A Fantastic Costume Weapon or Fantasy Decoration Superb As a Collectible or a Gift Idea

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